Take a look at how I create my work!

When I start a project, I like to sketch it out on my notebook first. Here's how I started the "Goosebump" series! First I was doodling little geese and I decided to make it a pun with the word goosebump. I roughly sketched out the girl shivering and then planned on zooming in to her hand to show little geese fistbumping.

Once I am happy with my sketch, I either take a picture of it and put it on Procreate to trace over it, or I just draw from scratch again. For this one, since it was already a simple sketch, I decided to draw it again on my iPad. Once I made the basic outline, I chose my colour palette and filled in the base colours.

Here you will see a timelapse of my work from the beginning. First I sketched, then outlined, then filled in the base colours. I used layers to show shadows and highlights. For the magnified section I did the same and tried to keep it simple and not add too many details. Here's my completed work!

Here's another comic that I wrote and drew!